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We are proud to present to you our Patrol Division!



Information/ Specialty

Joined Force


Sgt. Roger Youncs

Roger.Youncsatci.pendleton.or.us (Sergeant Roger Youncs)

A member of Pendleton Police Department SWAT Team


Ext. 1118

Sgt. Brandon Gomez

Brandon.Gomezatci.pendleton.or.us (Sergeant Brandon Gomez)

Firearms Instructor and Range Master


Ext. 1119

Sgt. Tyler Reddington

Tyler.Reddingtonatci.pendleton.or.us (Sergeant Tyler Reddington)

A member of Pendleton Police Department SWAT Team and an Oregon Physical Abilities Test (ORPAT) Instructor. Field Training Officer (FTO) Director.


Ext. 1107

ryan.lehnertatci.pendleton.or.us (Corporal Ryan Lehnert) Currently assigned to patrol, Field Training Officer, Hostage Negotiator, and CIT Liaison.  03/17/01 Ext. 4690
Cpl. Jon Lehman jon.lehmanatci.pendleton.or.us" rel="nofollow">Sergeant Jon Lehman Currently assigned to patrol, K9 Supervisor and Field Training Officer 06/28/12 Ext. 4740
Cpl. Nathan Bessette nathan.bessetteatci.pendleton.or.us (Corporal)Nathan.Bessetteatci.pendleton.or.us ( Nathan Bessette)

Currently assigned to patrol, Field Training Officer and Range Master.

04/16/07 Ext.4680
Ofc. Mark Golter Mark.Golteratci.pendleton.or.us (Corporal Mark Golter) Currently assigned to patrol, Field Training Officer, Oregon Physical Abilities Test (ORPAT) Instructor 07/01/02 Ext. 4530
Ofc. Lance Zaugg Lance.Zauggatci.pendleton.or.us (Officer Lance Zaugg) School Resource Officer (SRO) and Evidence Technician 03/24/03 Ext. 1125

Cpl. Chris Freeman

Chris.Freemanatci.pendleton.or.us (Corporal Chris Freeman)

Currently assigned to patrol and Field Training Officer.


Ext. 4550

Ofc. Shelly Studebaker

shelly.studebakeratci.pendleton.or.us (Officer Shelly Studebaker)

Community Services Officer (CSO), Hostage Negotiator and CIT Liaison. 


Ext. 1109

Ofc. Chase Addleman

chase.addlemanatci.pendleton.or.us (Officer Chase Addleman)

Currently assigned to patrol, Field Training Officer, and a member of Pendleton Police Department SWAT Team.


Ext. 4750

Ofc. Cass Clark

Cass.Clarkatci.pendleton.or.us (Officer Cass Clark)

 Currently assigned to patrol, member of SWAT, Field Training Officer and K9 Handler.


Ext. 4540

Ofc. Kurtis Hansen

kurtis.hansenatci.pendleton.or.us (Officer Kurtis Hansen)

Currently assigned to patrol and Pendleton SWAT.


Ext. 4730

Ofc. Travis McMasters

travis.mcmastersatci.pendleton.or.us (Officer Travis McMasters)

 Currently assigned to patrol, Pendleton SWAT and Field Training Officer


Ext. 4560

Ofc. Cody Porter Cody.Porteratci.pendleton.or.us (Officer Cody Porter) Currently assigned to patrol. 04/24/17

Ext. 4720

ph-sara-tolley_1.jpg sara.tolleyatci.pendleton.or.us (Officer Sara Tolley) Currently assigned to patrol. 02/01/18 Ext. 4700
  ben.carletonatci.pendleton.or.us (Officer Ben Carleton) Currently assigned to patrol 05/12/19 Ext. 4770
sterling.hallatci.pendleton.or.us (Officer Sterling Hall) Currently assigned to patrol 07/29/19

Ext. 4610

Specialized Units