"Our Community, Your Department"

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If you've noticed some of your officers looking a little scruffier this month, don't think they're being lazy. We are temporarily throwing out uniform policy as we are once again participating in No Shave November.

Some of the facial hair is grayer than others; some may not even be able to grow a beard which of course gives the officers a chance to joke with one another.  But how the beard comes in is just a side note, the real conversation is about cancer awareness.

We would like to invite you to be part of our crusade to bring about cancer awareness and coming together as a community to help with the #Ansonstrong campaign and the local chapter of the American Cancer Society.  Anson Fairbank was diagnosed with Leukemia a year ago and he continues to battle and fight.  There are still frequent visits to the hospital, ongoing treatments and medical bills continuing to come in and WE need to help!! 

The officers are engaging in a little “friendly” competition as they begin taking donations.  We will be sure to keep you posted on the leader board!  We also will be teaming up with Hamley’s once again as officers turn in their badges for aprons – NOVEMBER 30th from 5:00-8:00 PM – Don’t forget to tip your waiters/waitresses!!!  You can donate directly to your favorite officer or through PayPal.

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Mission Statement

The responsibility of the Pendleton Police Department is to serve our community in a manner that promotes the quality of life, economic growth and economic development of the City of Pendleton. We strive to accomplish our charge through the conscientious protection of persons and property, enforcement of laws, suppression of crime and observation of citizens’ constitutional rights. We are committed to identifying funding sources and programs that allow us to maintain the best services available in providing for the community’s future. We embrace the following core values in support of our mission:

Professional - We serve with courage and strive to promote public trust by upholding the highest moral and ethical standards.

Compassionate - We are empathetic, yet firm while preserving the rights of every individual.

Proud - We are honored to serve our community and the law enforcement profession. We make every effort to demonstrate our humility through the ongoing evaluation of our product, performance and appearance.

Dedicated - In partnership with the community, we are committed to identifying, monitoring and resolving issues affecting public safety.

We envision applying a customer service approach to the services we provide, which include preventative patrol, motors, detectives, S.W.A.T., canine, school resource/D.A.R.E., Drug Recognition Evaluation, lab-site safety and code enforcement. This statement is our assurance to the community. In turn, we ask that the citizens of Pendleton assist us in realizing our pledge by obeying all laws and reporting suspicious activities or concerns.