Drug Recognition Experts

The Pendleton Police Department Drug Recognition Evaluation Program (DRE) was established in May of 2001. The goal of the DRE program is to reduce the number of traffic related injuries and deaths caused by drug-impaired drivers on the roadway.

DRE KitThe officers from the Pendleton Police Department involved in the program have successfully completed the Oregon State Police sponsored Drug Evaluation and Classification School. The International Association of Chiefs of Police and The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration have oversight of the nationwide DRE program. Certified Drug Recognition Evaluators from the Pendleton Police Department complete approximately 160 hours of initial training to successfully evaluate persons suspected of driving under the influence of controlled substances.

The Pendleton Police Department currently has two certified Drug Recognition Evaluators: Lieutenant Charles Byram and Detective Drew Hubel. These officers, along with the rest of the personnel from the Pendleton Police Department, are committed to reducing drug-impaired drivers in the City of Pendleton.