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Image: Location Map of Pendleton Police Dept.Address

622 Airport Road
Pendleton, OR 97801


(541) 276-4411

Dispatch Center
(541) 966-3650 x 1


(541) 276-9108


Pendleton Police Department Personnel

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Title Telephone
Addleman, Chase Police Officer Ext. 4750
Anderson, Dianna Police Assistant Ext. 104
Bessette, Nathan Police Officer Ext. 4680
Bonifer, Mindy Police Assistant Ext. 115
Bowen, Howard Detective Ext. 108
Byram, Charles H. Sergeant Ext. 124
Clark, Cass Police Officer Ext. 4540
Kauffman, Kris Police Assistant Ext. 116
Etchamendy, Jennifer Code Enforcement Ext. 103
Golter, Mark Police Officer Ext. 4530
Gomez, Brandon Detective/BENT 541-276-2663
Hamby, Glenn SRO / DARE Ext. 109
Hubel, Drew Police Officer Ext. 4670
Jackson, Richard Det. Sergeant Ext. 114
Lambert, JD Police Officer Ext, 4630
Lehman, Jon Corporal Ext. 4740
Lehnert, Ryan M. Corporal Ext. 4690
Nelson, Anthony Sergeant Ext. 102
Pieschel, Cody Police Officer Ext. 4700
Reddington, Tyler Corporal Ext. 4600
Roberts, Stuart A. Chief Ext. 101
Studebaker, Shelly Police Officer Ext. 4640
Wolverton, Paul Sergeant Ext. 128
Youncs, Roger Sergeant Ext. 118
Zaugg, Lance CSO Ext. 125