Traffic/Parking Enforcement

Pendleton Patrol CarThe Pendleton Police Department unfortunately does not have the staff to have a traffic safety unit.  Therefore, all of the officers enforce traffic laws, and investigate crashes.  The Pendleton Police Department’s philosophy on the enforcement of traffic laws is to try and educate the motoring public.  If the officers do not feel a verbal or written warning is sufficient to gain compliance then the appropriate citation will be written.

We provide education and information to the community at neighborhood meetings, neighborhood watch meetings, schools and civic organizations.  We regularly conduct presentations for youth driver education classes.

We are implementing the use of traffic monitoring devices that record vehicle speeds, numbers and flow of traffic.  The obtained data along with citizen complaints allow us to target problem areas.  We also actively work with the City Engineering Department, Public Works and the Oregon Department of Transportation to develop strategies and enforcement techniques to help enhance the safety on our roadways for motoring and pedestrian public. 

Traffic Trailer

We have one seasonal parking enforcement employee who is dedicated to enforcing the downtown 2-hour parking Ordinance.  The 2-hour parking limits apply to the City's business district, which is described as the downtown area from the Umatilla River south to the Union Pacific Railroad Tracks located in the 500 South Main Street, and from SE 2nd Street to SW 2nd Street.

The Pendleton Police Department conducts special enforcement operations related to speed enforcement, pedestrian safety, seat belt use, Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants and construction zone enforcement.  We participate in several grant programs sponsored by the Oregon Department of Transportation and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that allow us to pay for overtime enforcement and purchase new equipment.

We have one certified Crash/Crime Scene Re-constructionist and our currently without a  Motor Officer.  The Wildhorse Foundation graciously awarded over $7,000.00 to purchase state of the art software that allows our Crash/Crime Scene re-constructionist to document scenes in detail including animation.  

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