Property and Evidence

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The Property/Evidence Section provides for the storage and disposition of all the property and evidence maintained by the Pendleton Police Department. Currently, two (2) Officers are assigned the duties of Property/Evidence custodians who manage and control the Evidence/Property room.


After evidence is collected at a crime scene, taken for safekeeping and/ or found, it is logged into the Property/Evidence room at the Pendleton Police Department.  Evidence is held until authorization to release it is received from the investigating officer, the City Attorney or the District Attorney's office.  Once the authorization to release property is received, the owner of the evidence/property will be contacted by the Property/Evidence Technician-Custodian.

Appointments are required to pick up evidence, and Photo ID will be required by the individual picking up any property for release.


Safe Keeping/Recovered Property

When stolen, safekeeping or found property is recovered or seized by the Pendleton Police Department every attempt is made to return the property to the rightful owner.  If the owner is identified, the owner of the property will be contacted by the  assigned Officer or by the Property/Evidence Technician-Custodian.  If no owner can be found, ownership will be forfeited after 90 days.

If you have lost an item, contact the Pendleton Police Department. 

Pendleton Police Department Evidence/Property Custodian:

Officer Lance Zaugg
Phone: 541-276-4411 Ext. 1125

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