Community Services Officer

Officer Shelly StudebakerOfficer Shelly Studebaker

Community Service Officer Studebaker acts as a liaison between the Pendleton Police Department and the community by developing and implementing security strategies that assist and educate the public with the goal of reducing crime.  Officer Studebaker is also in charge of the Apartment Watch program, which entails monthly meetings with property owners and managers as well as daily dialogue concerning calls for service. 

Through crime prevention, you and other concerned citizens can take control of your property and lives, strengthening the bonds in our community while helping to make your neighborhood a safe place to live. By keeping in mind that most intruders seek easy targets. The more difficult you make it for them, the lower your chances of becoming a victim are. Also, effective security measures need not be costly. Common sense prevention can go a long way. Remember - safe neighborhoods are everyone's business.

Officer Studebaker has been with the Pendleton Police Department since June of 2013.   

Contact Information

Pendleton Police Department
Community Service Officer
622 Airport Road
Pendleton, OR 97801

Phone: 541-276-4411, ext. 1109
Fax: 541-276-9108