Administrative Division

The Administration Division provides leadership and management for the Pendleton Police Department.  The Administration Division consists of the Chief of Police and the Lieutenant/Police Manager.


Chief of Police

The Chief of Police is responsible for directing all activities of the Pendleton Police Department.  His primary function includes, but is not limited to; ensuring that Department resources are used in the most efficient and effective manner to accomplish the mission and goals of the Department.  The Chief of Police meets establishes, facilitates and directs communication with other city departments, criminal justice agencies and the community to assure quality services are being delivered on a daily basis.  The Chief of Police also works with regional, state and national partners to enhance the ability of the Pendleton Police Department to accomplish the department's mission. 

The Chief of Police ultimately establishes the direction and expectations for the Pendleton Police Department.  Working with community members, elected and appointed officials, the Chief of Police establishes our current service priorities.  Due to ever-changing technologies, social attitudes and laws the Chief of Police encourages input and ideas from the community and department members in order to improve service. The department places emphasis on training and skill(s) development, so agency personnel can meet the challenges of the constantly evolving policing environment.

Chief Stuart A. Roberts - With the Pendleton Police Department since November 1, 1994.  He is a graduate of Western Oregon University, the FBI National Academy, the Rural Executive Management Institute and the Oregon Executive Development Institute.  Chief Roberts holds an Executive certificate issued by the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards & Training (DPSST).  Chief Roberts is a Past President of the Oregon Association Chiefs of Police and also serves on the DPSST Police Policy Committee and Board.  Chief Roberts has been honored by the Pendleton Chamber of Commerce as the 2009 "Boss of the Year" and Umatilla-Morrow ESD as an "Outstanding Community Partner". 

Phone: 541-276-4411 Ext. 101

Lieutenant/Police Manager

The Lieutenant/Police Manager manages the budget and administers the duties of the Operations and Services Divisions of the Pendleton Police Department.  The Lieutenant/Police Manager is the second-in-command, and runs the day-to-day operations of the Pendleton Police Department including; developing programs and plans; revisions of polices, codes, special projects, long range-planning, equipment aquisition; assists in coordination of the recruitment and selection processes for new employees; budget manager; commander of emergency call-outs; determines training needs for the agency; coordinated administrative investigations as necessary; deals with resolving citizen complaints and grievances; he is the Public Information Officer for the agency and liaison to various community support groups; he coordinates special events and assumes agency oversight responsibility in the absence of the Chief of Police.  

Lieutenant/Police Manager William J. Caldera- With the Pendleton Police Department since March, 1987. 

Phone: 541-276-4411 Ext. 107